"changing everything carefully"

Spring is like a perhaps hand
(which comes carefully
a window,into which people look(while
out of Nowhere)arranging people stare
carefully there a strange
arranging and changing placing thing and a known thing here)and
changing everything carefully

( -from "Spring is Like a Perhaps Hand" by E. E. Cummings)

With classes and Orthodox Lent coming to an end and spring arriving, things are taking a turn. Change is carefully and thoughtfully creeping up on me; I'll soon not be studying Greek till my eyes feel like they're going to pop out of my head, won't feel so cooped up and restless, and won't be reading because I've been assigned it.

I'm stressed out of my mind about a Greek test, but I'm trying to slow down and not letting it consume me; giving myself the time for the things I love (hence the blog post I'm writing) and for feeling happy and at peace.

Knowing I need to spring clean and take care of some last minute school assignments, but taking time to enjoy the arrival of spring for a cup of tea's time.

Yes, I've finally jumped on the adult coloring book bandwagon. It's certainly very calming, as well as rewarding. It also gives me something to do with my hands. 

It's these small things that constantly remind me that while I'm still living in the quiet of winter, spring has arrived. And in the next few weeks, the change will not be so careful, and I'll be launched headfirst into the warmth and joy of spring weather. 


  1. I'm so excited because I just found your blog today, and I can't wait to keep reading more! How does it feel to study greek...I've always wondered what it would be like to study a language like that, it's not the first language I think of when I think of learning another language (spanish, french, etc. are more common). I think it's so awesome you're learning that!
    -Lauren <3

    1. Hi, there!

      First of all, I'm SO pleased and excited that you've found my blog! New people are so exciting!

      Secondly, learning Greek is hard, but it's kind of a cool thing I get to say I'm doing! The other aspect that makes it pretty unique is that I'm studying biblical (or ancient) Greek for translation purposes! It's pretty hard, because English (which is obviously my first language) is so different from any other language out there! So just now wrapping up my third year of studying endless noun paradigms and verb rules and the 24 different versions of the article "the" am I finally starting to actually TRANSLATE things. haha.

      Thirdly, I just went to and read your blog. Less than half way through reading your "story behind Victory" page did I click "subscribe". You are an inspiration to everyone of your readers, a shining light, and a lovely, lovely person. Thank you for your lovely comment, and your place of positive influence on the internet.
      -Felicia Kathryn xxx


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