Really, Society?

Hello, guys!  I decided to sit down and talk about a subject that I've touched on before, but due to an unfortunate event, I think needs to be spoken about some more.

I recently had an adult tell me something that currently is upsetting my stomach thinking about now. I'm not dropping any names, so we'll call this person A, and the witness B.

To set the scene, we had just finished dinner an hour earlier, and I for whatever reason (not eating enough at dinner, physical exercise, or the fact that I was going through a growth spurt and experiencing growing pains at the time) was hungry. So I went downstairs to the kitchen where person A and B were having a conversation. I proceeded to make myself a cup of tea and a bowl of cereal, and eat it there in the kitchen. After a moment, person A looked at me and said:

"Girl, are you STILL eating?"
Me; "Yup."
Person B was totally awesome and defended me saying: "Well, she's a growing and extremely active girl. She needs her calories!" Person A ignores her and says to me:
"You better be careful. All that eating will catch up to one day and you'll be sorry!"

Excuse me? 

What on earth in this day and age makes ANYTHING like that ok? I don't understand how telling that to a 14 year old girl going through puberty and most likely questioning her body is ok. 

I'll interrupt myself with a disclaimer and say that I am 
A. Very active. (
B. Extremely tall for my age. 
And C. Been told (never in a negative way, mind) that I'm very fit/thin...whatever word ya wanna use.

I, like everyone, have my insecurities, but I love my body! 

I also was not affected IN ANY WAY by this person's comment, and they may have been joking. (Though their tone did not imply so.) But it did however make me extremely angry. Beyond angry. I kid you not when I say I'm shaking with fury thinking about it. Because bottom line is:

Whether you are a boy, girl, young, old, overweight, muscular, anorexic, naturally lean, short, tall, insecure or confident, 

Body shaming. 

Now you may say 
"Felicia, that wasn't body shaming!" But it was what I'll call futuristic body shaming. 
They were implying that if I kept eating, I'd become overweight and I'd "be sorry" 

I'd like to say that being healthy (both in body and in mind) is EXTREMELY important. And if you or someone you know is unhealthy or doing something to hurt themselves, ask (the, or yourself) what you can do to help. Be positive, and help them in the way you feel they need it most. But whatever you do, don't be hurtful. Don't say "Eat a burger" too someone not eating and don't say "Eat a salad." To someone you think needs it. Use your judgement, and be kind. 

That negative thing that was said really sparked a fire in me, and I'd like to conclude this post with this statement: 
Any comment about another person's body that is negative, is not acceptable. 

I'm gonna say it again for the people in the back:

Any comment about another person's body that is negative, is not acceptable. 

I could talk about this for so much longer. But I won't. Please, just leave this page really thinking about this. It is currently something that I am passionate about, and want to enlighten people about. That's one of the reasons it's on my blog. It's my little way of sharing my voice with the world.

I don't usually ask this of you guys, but please hit that "share" button. I really want this known and heard. It would mean the world to me. 

Your blogger, 
Felicia Kathryn xxx


  1. You are strong and wise, thank you for sharing!!

  2. I think you right, you should never make rude comments about others, in anyway. I do think though, that if you do know a person who is unhealthy( Overweight, underweight, or doing something dangerous to himself) If you find the appropriate time, you should address it. It may be hard to hear but if you are truly concerned for the other persons health, talking about it can help. If you have advice for the issue, sharing it kindly is important. Being healthy is good for you physically and mentally.

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Well this is awkward, I think I just deleted your follow up comment by accident. My bad! Feel free to repost it. :P And I agree with your statement of "Basically; don't shame anyone (EVER!!!), but don't be afraid to help someone to help look after themselves, either" Well said, my friend. And going back and reading what I wrote about "If a person is unhealthy, it's none of your business." I realized that is not true. Thank you for point that out, Both Raphael and Kate!

  4. Oh my goodness, so many people have said those exact same things to me.... what is it with society?!?!? I'm glad you spoke up about it, because this is definitely something that should be said and heard.

    xoxo Morning

  5. Kate, do you have a time machine to copy my future comments?
    Felicia; Don't blame society instead of person A. Many people have made similar comments to me, in some cases much harsher. I don't blame society, I blame them, and tell them so. And it usually works.
    Just my 2 cents.

  6. Food should not be a tool of guilt or shame. Love your post! I struggled with eating adequately for many years and no one understood. I never "thought I was fat" but had emotional problems that made me feel nauseated all the time. I've healed, with God's help, but I can't forget what it was like to be hungry all the time and not able to eat enough. Thanks for this great reminder to us all!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! It's a wonderful thing to hear a bit of your story and experience with this sort of thing.
      -Felicia Kathryn xxx

  7. Preach it, girl! Let the world know! Gosh, I love how you wrote this. <3

      1. That's a huge compliment and your comment made me feel all warm and fuzzy. :))
      2.That's probably one of most encouraging things I could receive on something like this, because I'm never quite sure if it all makes sense or if it just sounds like jumbled up jibberish. xP
      -Felicia Kathryn xxx


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