About this blog:

A Cup of Creativi-tea has been around since July of 2013 under the name "Thinking, Laughing, Living"
It was created due to a need to connect, a need for my own space. It's grown as I've grown, changed as I've changed, and greatly reflects who I am.
It now functions under the need to process and organize my thoughts. I'm a big fan of stream of consciousness.
It's a place where I can process the jumbled mess in my mind in the form of written words and share them with others that struggle with the same issue: the feeling that you have words trapped in your head.


About the author:

I enjoy referring to myself as a "Lover of Letters". Interpenetrate this as you will. 
I am exploring the field of the performing arts and how it can be used to connect with other people.
I am a thinker, feeler, and writer. Definitely not much of a talker.  
I really enjoy hugs, and believe that in most occasions a hug can say more than words ever could.
Mugs and tea make me far too happy.
I'm a learner of the ancient Greek language for four years, enthusiast of the ancient Greek language for two.
I'm an Orthodox Christian, currently going through a significant growth in my faith and relationship with it.

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  1. I love your blog, I look at it every day <3

  2. Nice blog.
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    His princess Leah

  3. Beautiful, Felicia! I really love your photography.

    1. This is Miriam, by the way. I'm not sure why it listed me as unknown.


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