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A Cup of Creativi-tea has been around since July of 2013 (when I was a wee bairn of  twelve) under several different names and appearances. I have far from a consistent blogging style: I created this blog simply because I simply like writing. So I simply write, and cover any and all topics that strike my fancy. Though I always try my best to create substantial content...unless you go back and read twelve year old Felicia's blog posts. They are not quality. They are cringe-worthy. 


About the author:

I always, always struggle when people say "Tell me something about yourself!" Or "Describe yourself." and such, so if you really want to get to know me, read other things I've written. But I might as well try and describe some things about myself:

I'm an Orthodox Christian, Godmother to a small human, logophile, frequent letter-writer, tea drinker, classical education enthusiast, amateur writer, even more amateur ballerina, Greek language student, and lover of literature. I think a lot (many would say too much) and sometimes make feeble attempts at human interaction and conversations. I far too often find myself in the caught in the mental battle of being a perfectionist, but lacking self-motivation. I sometimes play the ukulele. (Very poorly.) I feel things too deeply and care too much. I bake when I'm sad. 


  1. I love your blog, I look at it every day <3

  2. Nice blog.
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    His princess Leah

  3. Beautiful, Felicia! I really love your photography.

    1. This is Miriam, by the way. I'm not sure why it listed me as unknown.


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