A letter to my 24 year old self. (Ten years from now)

Felicia, what has life brought you?

As a fourteen (almost fifteen) year old, you certainly stress about the future a lot. What kind of car did you end up buying?
Did you go to college for business as planned? Did you do online college, or attended a brick and mortar school? Where are you dancing? Is it your job, like you've always dreamed?

Have you gotten your own apartment yet? You know, past you has got a Pinterest board dedicated to a future apartment. Is it pretty? It's probably really nice having a place and space to yourself. Past you has fantasized about it for quite some time now.

Are you teaching? Past you really wants to. Especially dance, or theatre, or even for your online school! That would be awesome.

Where are you in life? Do you have things happening, or things planned out? Or are you lost? I don't even know where 14 year old you pictures you at twenty four! I should hope you're writing a lot and have something published by now. Geez.

Have you traveled, yet? Gone to London, New Zealand, even San Diego Comicon? Airplanes aren't that great, but you know that past you dreams of "expeditions" to beautiful and exciting places.

Who are your best friends? I certainly hope they're the same as now, and you haven't grown apart. That would be very sad.

How much have you checked off you bucket list? Did you witness the solar eclipse coming next year? Have you dyed your hair one of the crazy colors you always wanted? Gone on a camping retreat with your best friends? Met one of your favorite actors? Gotten some writing published? If you answered "no" to three or more of the questions above, you need to get out there, girl!

Right now, I'm thinking a lot about writing. I wrote my first official and complete story a couple months ago, and got me out of (yet another) low point in writing. Do you remember what I'm talking about? Has that manuscript gone on somewhere, or is it just sitting forgotten in a folder?
You're (or rather I'M) struggling through learning guitar at the moment. It's something that I still hope to find myself doing in the future, but the question is if I've stuck with for ten years? For some reason, I seriously doubt it. xD
I'm about to wrap up my first year as a company trainee at the dance studio. I don't really think I need to describe how incredible it's been to future me, because my guess is it'll stick with me for years and years to come.

That's what's new with me. I hope you're happy, wherever you are in life right now. You're a full blown adult. That's scary.

Although, you're kind of lucky. Despite your insane pile of responsibilities and the fact that you have to make your own choices, it's probably pretty nice to be a grown-up.

Best of luck to you.

-Felicia Kathryn xxx


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