10,000 page view party!!


That is how many times someone has opened up my blog page and taken time to read the words I've written. 
That's how many times I've shared the inner workings of my mind with someone.
That's how many times someone has seen the home page of my blog, seen a glimpse of who I am. 

That is crazy.

You can imagine my utter excitement when I opened my blogger homepage to check up on the blogs I follow and noticed all the numbers staring back at me. Not 9,000-something-something, but 10,027. !!!
 (You knew this was coming....) 
Thank you to everyone who has ever followed, commented, read, or even glanced at my blog, THANK YOU. 

I know that it's only numbers, but there are people behind the numbers.

Ok I'm done now. Just a quick note to say I love you. :)

-Felicia Kathryn xxx


  1. I'd like to think that many of those views were mine. ;) Simply out of curiosity, is that photo in the middle of you?
    Love the new look!


    1. The photo in the middle of the "About" page? Then yes.


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