-November Musings-

November is behind us, and Christmas is on it's way! Hurray!

~cue November recap~
This month, I:

Went to an indoor water park:
Extremely "artistic" photo edit by moi. 

Performed a children's ballet with my dance company at a public school:
^performance aftermath. Gotta love stage makeup xD 

Had Thanksgiving! 
Soooo...I didn't take any photos of actual Thanksgiving. I was busy doing important things, like eating. But here's a photo I took on a walk that weekend with the family member (and dogs) that stayed with us. 

I got new shoes:
Don't laugh, this is extremely news worthy.

 And I saw my first live ballet:
No photos were taking of the actual ballet, because I was too invested to pull out my phone. :P

Overall, a very busy and activity filled month. And now,

Let the Christmas preparations and festivities begin!!!

I just get a little excited when it comes to Christmas. :)

Happy December!

You blogger,
-Felicia Kathryn xxx


  1. New shoes are newsworthy indeed, and I don't like missing J's dogs, the adorable little yappers. Ballet, eh? With or without an orchestra. Nice waterpark photo!

    -Raph the Plattepus.

    1. And next time we go to Jamie's, should should come too.

      It was with an orchestra! (pictured above. ;P)

      (and thanks!)


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