Happy Birthday to Thinking, Laughing, Living!

July 17th marks the 2 year anniversary of my blog. Since that day in 2013, I've created over 100 posts, had 20+ people like them enough to follow, and had over 8,000 page veiws!  I'm going to go ahead and be all cheesy and say that it's been a huge blessing to have all you guys reading and commenting and being purely awesome peeps. Y'all are freakin the best! So, here's to hopefully many more years of whatever this is. It's been a wonderful little journey so far, and I'm extremely thankful for each and every one of you. :)
Your blogger,

-Felicia Kathryn xxx

P.S. Just so you all know, you won't be hearing much from  me this month! I'm going on a trip to Florida/Georgia tomorrow for ten days, then have plans after that. I'll be posting as I can of course, but it may not be often. I'm not abandoning you though, I promise!


  1. I remember the first post, too. Lotsa fun! Say hi to my dad for me!!!


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