We're Only Human

Why, oh why do I only get good ideas for blog posts when I'm trying to fall asleep? *sigh*

First world problems aside, I want you to ask yourself something.

How often are you really hard on yourself?

Are you consistently beating yourself up for being imperfect? I know I am.
I'm the girl with consistent breakouts. I'm really self-conscious about my singing voice. The ends of my hair are all split and damaged because I'm too lazy to get them trimmed. I'm always stressing out about being an "inconvenience" to other people. I get very anxious a lot.  I'm constantly afraid people are judging me for.....well, any reason. There are so many times I feel insecure, not good enough, etc. 

And whether we're the person who is known for being insecure or the super-cool confident person, we ALL have insecurities. And sometimes, it's really easy to let those insecurities define us in negative ways.

How can we fix this? 

Insecurities are going to be a struggle throughout your lifetime. Sometime or other, you'll notice a flaw in yourself and you'll feel anywhere from "meh" to absolutely worthless. But some very important things to remember are:

  • No one (and I mean no one is perfect) 
  • Comparing yourself to other people is the worst thing you can do. You are your own person, and you're beautiful, talented, and flawed all in your own way. 
  • What other people think should not effect how you think or feel in huge ways. You can take advice, but being you is perfect, because everyone else is taken! 
  • Remind people how important they are to you. Sometimes, people are really tricky and hide their insecurities. They may come across as a happy, confident person, but they may be all but dead on the inside. So remember to be nice to people. Tell them you love them, give them a hug, complement their outfit or something else about them. Just five words could boost someone's self-esteem and make their day.   

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know by leaving a comment. And make your goal for today giving someone a reason to feel good about themselves and smile. :)

-Felicia Kathryn xxx


  1. This is true, especially in our society today. Stuff gets spread on the media, like the "perfect" face or the "perfect" body type. Also, a person can feel insecure with other things like her music choice or even what she eats! People show off for the same reason they have insecurities. It's all about how others see us. We think people are always judging us, sometimes they are but mostly they are as scared as we are about being "excepted" and "fitting in". Animals are sort of like that too. Not to our extent (We've made our lives very complicated) But they show off. Every animal needs to appear strong, it's a matter of survival and I think we haven't lost all our old instincts. So, if you fall, you might get embarrassed and try to act like it was nothing. You might even brush off others concern. That's because falling could show you're weak, and in the wild, you don't want to be the one that gets eaten. As most people know, oftentimes bullies have bean bullied, people who judge don't like themselves. We've got one complicated world and I just love to try and figure out human nature. I know I have things that aren't perfect, I have terrible handwriting!:D But I like to think of it as an interesting and funny thing about me, not a flaw. I actually love things about me that make me different from others. IDK, I just think it feels great to like yourself.

    <3 Kate

    1. Kate, your comments absolutely make my day! The thought and effort you put into them make me so happy. :) I love your analogy of why in fact we get so self conscious and caught up in our insecurities, it's a form of survival! And focusing on the fact that these things make us interesting and make us who we are is a great strategy for staying positive.

    2. Thanks! I love to read your posts and most of the time I have an opinion ( you know I'm very opinionated, HeheXD ) so this blog is a great place to share my thoughts!:) I do a lot of contemplating about the world and people in general in my free time:D I also like to read what everyone else thinks.

  2. Firstly, because you finally slow down, and your brain likes it.

    Self-esteem is something I've always had trouble with. The best way I've found to combat it is to assert yourself in situations where you might come out the underdog. Just that gives you a boost.This advice does not apply when I'm trying to get you to sing louder.

    Also, don't hunch down, or curl up in stressful situations. Here's why: http://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_your_body_language_shapes_who_you_are?language=en

    Look forward to seeing you (in focus)!


    1. That's great advice. I'll definitely use that method sometime. (But not a time when you're trying to get me to sing louder. ;)



  3. Although, power posing will help you sing louder. ;-)


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