I'm gaining ground again! (more on writing)

If you keep up with my blog, you'll have noticed that something recently happened to me.

I've found my writing ground again.

With the help of several people, I was released from the "my-writing-is-so-horrible-help-me-I-can't-write-omg-what-is-my-life-I-disgust-myself" state. 

I just got back from a lovely writing retreat, and wanted to let you know that I successfully edited a short story that I posted awhile back, "The Lady of the Rain" along with a really old poem, and a recent poem that I was to embarrassed to show anybody. I am pleased to announce that I am no longer embarrassed of any of them, and they are now in great condition. I just maybe will be posting the newer poem soon.....we'll see. 

But because I currently feel so inspired and all write-y like, you can probably except a stream of consistent and frequent blog posts for the next while, 'cause dang it guys, I'm on a roll!

Your happy and motivated blogger, 

-Felicia Kathryn xxx


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