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walled city

[The Walled City]

Dark, thick smoke filled the air. Everyone's windows and doors were shut, making it as hot and stuffy indoors as it was outside. Occasionally, soldiers would march through the streets. And every so often, the alarms would sound. Chaos and panic would ensue whenever this happened. Everyone out of their houses would rush back indoors and hide while the creatures of the dead roamed about the main street. The volunteer soldiers were usually able to keep them at bay. but every upon rare occasion the creatures would enter the city. No one remembered exactly what these threatening creatures were. They had been alive (if they even were alive) for so long. To be safe, this last known remaining city was built along two massive parallel walls so that the creatures could not get at us, though we had a few buildings left on the ground. One of those being the kitchens, which had more volunteers cooking the things brought back from wherever food could be found and harvested. But most of the world was barren, empty, and dangerous.
 I was not signed up for any volunteer work, I had my little brother and my gran to take care of. 
Life wasn't that horrible. In fact, you could say it was decent. But that all changed when one day. I was not indoors when the alarms sounded and echoed between the walls. 

That is where the story begins. 

-Thanks for reading, loves! Let me know what you think. I know it's not a lot of writing, so make sure you take your time reading it. I'm very proud of some of these sentences, people. XD

~Felicia xx


  1. Wow, sounds like it could be a start to a really interesting story, kind of sci fi to me.


    1. Thanks, love! I'm excited to see where I can go with it! :]

  2. Wow. Great start. Is this futuristic? Fantasy? Is the narrator a boy or girl?
    Sorry, I'm just interested. :-)

    1. Thank you!! Futuristic, yes. Fantasy, more like sci-fi. Narrator gender to be determined. I was thinking a girl, but I like the idea of a boy. Thanks!

  3. It sounds great, Felicia! Very interesting. :)


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