.The Clock .

I swear guys, I'm not trying to give you nightmares. I know I posted something that could come across as frightening last time, I guess it's just the mood I'm in.... I honestly don't know. Anyway, here's a poem that certainty gave me chills once I read it through all the way for the first time. Let me know what you think of it!

-The Clock-

Tick tock sings the clock,
We all ignored it's tune.
Tick tock mocks the clock,
"The end is coming soon."
Tick tock goes the clock,
We start to disappear.
Tick tock laughs the clock,
And now the end draws near.
Tick tock says the clock,
One is left alone.
Tick tock calls the clock,
And now that one is gone.
Tick tock the broken clock,
Why can I hear it's song?
Tick tock, the haunted clock,
It will get you. 
It won't be long.


P.S. I'll post something happy next, I swear. ;)


  1. OMG girl, that's creepy!!!, but no, seriously, it's neat. The end is coming.... dark:D Poems are always so fun to read, they really put you in the moment.


    1. That's one of the reasons I love writing them! Wanna know a secret? Listen to "Moon Trance" (can be found on Youtube) by Lindsey Stirling as you read this particular poem...guaranteed chills. ;)

  2. I was so scared of clocks when I was little, and I still don't like them. Brrrr!
    There should be a "really awesomely scary" box in the responses widget!

    Clocky in Rocky

    1. Sorry to scare you yet again. ;)
      As I just said in a comment below, I've recently tapped into my dark side when it comes to writing (something I didn't know I could do!) And I've gotten very positive feedback on it. :)

  3. Ok, I now have a better way to describe how this poem feels to me. "Eerily beautiful and mysterious" ;)


    P.S. I really like it when you write poems about feelings and moments like this. I have a hard time expressing myself through writing like you do and I just love to read your writing.

    1. Haha, see I'm just the opposite. I find it really hard to express myself verbally ALL THE TIME! But when I can plan it out before I "say" it, I find it so much eaiser! And I love your description of how it feels to you. If I ever write a book, you should write the summary. ;)

    2. I would love that but it'd have to be good, my summery that is:D



    1. Awww, thank you!!! xxx I've recently "tapped into my dark side" when it comes to writing. It was something I didn't know I could do, to be honest! ;)


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