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Hiya, peeps!

This post is about confidence. 

I am NOT the most confident person. Ask any of my friends, and they'll tell you I can be quite insecure at times. I'm a perfectionist, and a people pleaser. Those things combined do NOT go well together, people!

I am constantly comparing myself to other people. "That girl such a better dancer than me." "That person is so much more patient than I am." "That girl is so lucky, she's got blah, blah, blah." 
It's something I always am struggling with. There are times that I think "What are my strengths? What am I really good at?" I don't always have that reassurance in times when emotions are high. 

So what I want you all to do is comment below. 

Comment one thing that you love about yourself. Something you are good at, something about yourself you are proud of, anything positive. 
Then comment something positive about someone else. It can be about a anonymous person, or you can mention their name. 

I'll go first! 

I'm a decent writer. I think that although writing dialogue so my worst nightmare, I can paint some pretty good images with my writing.

There's this girl I know who is SUPER artsy AND confident (two traits I sometimes wish I had myself ;) She's a very good role model in the sense that if I beat myself up, she makes me smile and remember I'm a pretty cool person. 

So that's it. Let's spread the confidence, starting: 

Love ya. 

-Felicia Kathryn. xxx


  1. I can make the best out of any situation. The best might not be pleasant, but it's there.

    I know a person, whom you know, dear blogger, but who shall remain unnamed. She can make anyone feel better, and help them think clearly. It's really a gift.

  2. Well... I'm good at reading! :D And decent at math. :P

    Felicia, you're an amazing dancer, writer, and friend. I'm so glad to know you. :) And Kate's so beautiful and funny and she doesn't usually throw trampolines at people. ;) All my friends and family are wonderful people. ♥

  3. I think I'm pretty confident and I love to be funny and sarcastic. I also like to reflect on life in general and I'm a people watcher, I can tell what people are thinking and feeling pretty easily.

    My brother is amazing at wood working, designing and tinkering in general. He's also fun to hang out with and totally crazy:D

    I know a boy who is confident and nice, he's very funny and independent.

    ( Of course, the author of this blog is smart, can do an amazing Miranda voice, is easy to talk to, and is understanding but funny. )


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