Oh, the struggle.

Writer's block. 

It's the worst. 

And when you've got so many ideas, like mermaids, and moons, and ghosts and magic, but you can't get them out of your head onto paper....it's one of the most infuriating things you can imagine.
Sometimes I feel like if someone were to slap me right now, something would click and all the untold stories and all the un-written words would just fall into place. 

I just slapped myself. 

It didn't work.

I know not all of you are authors, but when you are stuck like this, and maybe suffering your own version of writer's block, what do you do?? Cause I could seriously use some help. Please.

Your frustrated, useless blogger,

-Felicia Kathryn xxx


  1. Freewrite. Write down a stream-of-consciousness, then edit aggressively. I have a book about this you could borrow, too.

  2. That would be lovely. I may never give it back. XD

    1. Well, consider it an early birthday present. Or just wait a few months. ;-)

  3. I love to write!! My school published one of my books in 5th grade! I have to write a story for homeschooling and sometimes I feel out of Ideas, but I kept trying and I decided to write about my public school experiences. I get very descriptive. (my mom says I'm too dramatic, but hey if your a writer you have to be descriptive and dramatic!)


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