Oh dear. It's late at night and I have a exhaustingly long dance rehearsal tomorrow, but here I am in bed, squinting into the brightness of my phone, because I felt the need to blog.
This sort of goes along with my last post. It's a post about feelings.
I'm assuming that you've all felt jelous at one time or another. Whether it was the horrible sickly jelousy that sits at the pit of your stomach eating away at you, or maybe just a little bit of envy. Either way, it's not a pleasant feeling. This is another one of my negative personality traits, not always jelousey per say, but comparing  myself to other people. And that can often times lead to jelousy.
I think that jealousy often comes from being
A) insecure
B) a perfectionist
 Those, in my opinion, are the two main factors. It may not be true for everyone, but at least some.
So, what to do when suffering from jelousy??
Well, in one case where I was sickly jelous of someone, I cried a lot, beat my self up, then realized (after several monthes)
"This girl has done NOTHING to earn such negative feeling from me. I should try to be as nice to her as possible."
And I'm telling you right now from personal experience, it works quite well. I actually cried ( not happy tears I can assure you!)  when I said goodbe to that girl when she moved from her summer house back to where she lives the rest of the year. We were never best of buds, but we were pals.

So whether you struggle with jelousy or not, I hope you found this short little post somewhat thought provoking!

I love you all!

-Felicia Kathryn xxx


  1. I wouldn't say I've been very jealous much, I do sometimes do stuff like look at what other girls are wearing and think "Do I look good?" I know, it's just looks but hey, most humans, especially teens, care about how they look. Most of the time I'm happy with me, but sometimes, mostly about clothes/ looks, I will compare myself to others. But I don't really get jealous. I just try to remember, we all are different and have our own special traits. Some people may have much more then I do, but others have much less. I have met some people, who, despite what they didn't have, were some of the most upbeat, happy, talkative, and friendly people I ever met.

    I guess I sort of strayed from topic, but, wad'a heck! :D

    ~Kate <3


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