I need your help!!

Hello you wonderful, beautiful lovely people.

I am in need of assistance. 

What do you want to see on my blog? 


-Those deep philosophical posts that have no name (LOL)

-Some sort of mini series. What I've been loving, book reports, ect.

-Random, chatty update posts

-Or suggestions. 

Seriously, if you have suggestions as to what I should post, then BY ALL MEANS. Comment them, please! 

Sorry I shouted at you. Hehe.

Thanks for reading, and please comment!!

-Felicia xxx


  1. I love when you post poems and the deep posts too:D Updates are always fun and advice for random things would be great too. If you do anything fun like a vacation or party you could post about and pics. It's all fun! I mini series would be really fun to read too!


  2. It would be really cool if you wrote some short stories with Orthodox characters... just a thought. On a side note, 2 Orthodox novels I love are Letters to St. Lydia and On The Other Side of the Bonfire:)

  3. Book Reviews! You're always talking about your latest read.

  4. Yeah, book reviews would be great! And your writing is wonderful. :) I enjoy all of you posts.


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