So here we are, another one of these posts. I guess that these consist of things I really feel like I need to share, and the last post started a GREAT discussion last time. I don't even know what to call these, but we could say that they're just the inner workings of my head, typed up for people to read. :)

Now, as my parents are divorced and I go to my Grandma's house 3 days a week for school, I have lots of places that are "home."
I was taking my usual Monday online class this week, and we got on a very interesting subject.  The question "what to do think home is?" was asked, and I thought:
I don't know. 

What is home? Is it a place? Is it a feeling? How do I answer this? 

It was something I couldn't stop thinking about. I couldn't come up with an answer! I grabbed pencil and paper, and I wrote  down the following:

Home is a feeling. A house can be a home, but it's not always. Home is feelings, as well as scenarios and emotions. It more often then not isn't a building, especially if you are someone who has lived in many places throughout your life. There are sometimes places that just don't feel like home. Home is a place where you feel loved, comforted, safe, accepted, and warm. It's the place where you "come back to," your "home base." 

I think that home also can be a physical thing, even if it isn't a building. It can be your own bed, or your room, your own space. It could be your living room, with a fireplace, or a really comfy couch. It could be having certain people with you. Little details also make a home. A creak in a specific floorboard, a knot in the wooden cupboards that look like a face, a door handle you have to jiggle in order to open the door. 

So, the summary of all these jumbled words is: Home is details, feelings, scenarios, people. 

Long story short, A house isn't always a home.  

So thank you guys for reading. :) Please, comment away with your thoughts on this, and if you like these posts! 

Love ya all, 

~Felicia xx


  1. This post hits close to home (no pun intended). I, too, have lived in many many places throughout my life. Each place I could call "home". But, no matter where I've settled, there's always a piece of me that feels displaced. I don't think I'll ever quite shake that feeling. Then I remember, we're strangers in a strange land...walking through this journey of life.

    Home is Zion.
    Home is the Garden.
    Where we were born...and where we shall return.

    In the mean time, I'll make myself at "home" wherever my heart is. Thanks for this post, Felicia. Very thought provoking.


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