Well, hello there everyone. You haven't heard from me since August, and the only reason I have sat down to blog is I've just fixed up my photography blog! ( )

I've been sitting here with my family for my second Christmas Celebration, and have been thinking about this crazy month of December. You could say a lot had happened! I'd say some highlights have been:
Adopting my beautiful hamster Bianca. She's brought me so much joy!
Moving into my new house. I feel more at home then I thought I would.
Coming to the realization that my novel is crap. I know, it's depressing. But I needed to realize that. I may keep writing it, but it's not going to become anything.
Christmas, of course!
Auditioning for my dance school's theater performance and finding out I got in both dance numbers.
My friend's birthday. We went on a bit of a trip, went shopping, saw a play. Not to mention the fact that we spent almost 3 straight days together.

I'm excited to see what 2015 has in store for me. Hopefully, I can build my two blogs and keep up with them. If you have any questions about either one, let me know!!

Love you all tons.



  1. You should do a new years resolution post or something like that! I need to come up with some;) I was thinking about your book. Even if it's not working out, you've still written so many beautiful poems and short stories. You're definitely a great writer!


  2. Or-crazy idea, I know-try writing nonfiction or human-interest stories. You're great at descriptions and details, and this is where they shine. There's not many people who do these anymore, but the ones who do are amazing.

    1. I'll be sure to mess around with it. ;) Thank you! :)


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