Making my own DIY Wreck This Journal

This is a project I've been meaning to do for a long time (ever since I found out what a Wreck This Journal is) I was innocently browsing on Pinterest one day, when I stumbled across something about a Wreck This Journal, I did further research and found out what the were. When then later finding out they were $15 on Amazon, I said "Heck no, I'm paying $15 plus shipping and handling, I could buy a new leotard with that! I'm making my own!"

True story.

So anyway, here I am in the process of making my very own Wreck This Journal, and boy is it fun. :)

I started with a $5 leather unlined journal from Michael's, and I meant to take a picture before this happened:

I covered it with a brown paper bag, printed out a a label, and splatter painted it for effect. ;)
Over the last few days, I've been in the process of writing it all out, no actual wrecking yet! here are some samples:

Thanks for reading, love ya! :)



  1. So cool Felicia! Love the journal, now I wanna make one;)

  2. Neat! You made a really good one! I would love to have one of these, looks fun:D


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