Shoutout, and an apology.

First off, I really need to say I'm sorry to one of my favorite bloggers, Tane. I (accidentally!!) used one of her own photos as my signature. (The one with books.) So Tane, I am so, so very sorry! I had NO idea it was your own photo,  I found it via Google Images online. But I won't use it (or any others from online) again, only my own. I've learned my lesson! I can't express how sorry I am, I hope you don't hate me! :( So sorry for the mistake!!

 Everybody, here is a link to Tane's blog: please go check it out, it's truly inspiring. <3

 And again, I really really sorry Tane. <3

Have a blessed evening everyone, thanks for reading. <3


  1. Hey Felicia! NO way do I hate you - you're such a nice girl and I love your blog. :) Thank you for not using it anymore and giving me a shout out! I'm so glad you were so nice about it. And, thank you again, for the awesome shout out, you're wonderful!
    Thank you, I'll be back to read more lovely posts of yours. <3
    Tane ♥
    P.S. Really don't worry about it. :D

  2. P.S. You can use other pictures on your blog - the only thing you have to do is link back to where you found it and give credit to whoever whatever it came from. :) You can still post stuff from Pinterest and places, is what I mean, as long as there's credit.

  3. hello! you can call me E and I'm new to your blog! I would love it so, so much if you could check out my blog: thank you! ~E~

    1. Hello there, E! Welcome to my blog! I will certainly check out yours. I'm on my way now! :)



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