Christmas/December favorites.

Winter time things.

Bath and Body Works mint lip gloss. It smells like mint ice cream, and it's sheer, no coloring.

Fuzzy socks. :) warm, fuzzy, and colorful. Also great for doing pirouettes. :P 

Burt's Bees Milk and Honey Lotion. Yummmm. It's natural, organic, and smells AMAZING. Nothing artificial. 

Hot chocolate, in general. No marshmallows, extra whipped cream (hand whipped from real cream!) and just a bit of cinnamon. :)

And your winter favorite are? Comment and let me know. :)

Love, Felicia. 


  1. Are you into the natural stuff too?:)

  2. I also LOVE hot coco! I really like to wear fluffy sweaters, and warm socks. I have some lip balm for dry lips too, nothing special though:)

  3. I sure am! I try to make most of my cosmetics ans such myself, and what I don't/can't make I make sure is natural. (and if you're in too stuff like that, you can check out my blog "Going Green" I've got some tutorials and such on all that stuff. Here's the link: )


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