*Wishful Wednesday*

Sometimes I wish...
I didn't spend so much time on the computer.
That I could always be on time.
That I made more money. :P
That I had more free time (but not often, I like being busy!)
That I had my own room.
That I had smaller feet! (lol. I'm size 10 wide/11 now.)

And today is GROUP wishful thinking! Comment, email, or message me your wish. I can't make it come true, but (if it's okay with you!) we can share them next week. :) I'll post them. So feel free to them to me anytime!

Love you all,

Felicia. :) <3 :P :D 


  1. I have the same list, except I like my feet :P

  2. Hi Felicia!
    Glad to see that you found our blog! I come to see your's and wondered about this "group wish" thing. Could you give me a little info??? Thanks!!!

    Sapphire ( by the way, lovely blog :)


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