*Dreaming*(yet another poem by moi)

i don't know where i am right now.
if i'm awake or dreaming.
i don't know what's happening now,
but life must be unfolding.
a chilly air surrounds me,
but i'm not cold at all.
i don't feel much of anything,
something must be wrong.
i don't know what will happen
if i will surface again.
yet i don't know where i'm going,
i don't know where i've been.

I hope you liked it, thanks for reading!

p.s. Please welcome my new follower, Rose! Thanks for joining, Rose!I LOVE followers! :)


  1. I love the picture and the poem! Did you write the poem? It's great! Thanks for posting it. =)

  2. Very lovely! You are great at writing poems!
    Welcome Rose:)


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