Wishful Thinking

Sometimes I wish.....

That I weren't so bossy towards my brother.
That I were better at math.
That I could write better then I can.
That I weren't so jealous sometimes.
That I were better at ballet.
That I were more flexible.
That I could be as encouraging to my friends as they are to me. 
That I didn't share a room with my little sis.
That I had a better camera.
That I weren't such a perfectionist. 
I could just skip puberty and grow up already! :P
But also that I could stay a kid forever.

Have a good school day. Be happy, be safe! 



  1. Felicia, you are amazing at writing and very encouraging, I couldn't ask for a better friend!<3

  2. Kate, thank you. You've been amazingly encouraging to me too, more then you know. :) I couldn't either. :) <3


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