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Today had been a very un-iteresting, boring, average day at home. meh. :/ Tomorrow, we'll go to church and stuff. Pretty boring weekend! Today I watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. (For like the 5th time!) I did a lot of stretching and exercising, and I cleaned my room. :P How 'bout you? How's your weekend been?




Dancing in the Rain


Have a good evening and a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I've been at home, cleaning, singing Les Mis, playing outside, and just hanging out:)

  2. I helped Dad change the tires on our car and we carved pumpkins. Kate and Leif and I also rehearsed some Les Miserables songs. That was fun! Leif is working on learning The Confrontation. I read a lot from David Copperfield and Never Cry Wolf.


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