ZOO TRIP!!!!!!!

Our church took a family field trip to the Buffalo zoo yesterday, it was a lot of fun! It got so pretty nice photos.

They have very natural, spacious habitats for all the animals.

The peacock

 A sting ray
 The meercats :)
 The BEAUTIFUL tiger. She was one of my favorites.
 The Lion
 The baby spotted turtle
 Rattle snake
 I THINK this is a pine snake, but I don't remember.

 Tree frogs

 Capybara :)
 And the giraffes. NOT WORRY, these pens are just were they SLEEP AND EAT, AND TAKE SHELTER FROM WEATHER. And since it was raining, and it was almost feeding, time they were inside. But they have a nice big pen where they live. :)

And soon, i hope to post a video of the rain forest trail, which was my all time favorite. 


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