Movie Review: The Great and Powerful Oz

The Great and Powerful Oz (2013) Is the prequel to "The Wizard of Oz" that follows the adventure Oscar Diggs, 
a Kansas carnival magician, who gets swept away to Oz  in a hot air balloon by a twister. When he lands, he meets Theodora, a good witch. She tells him that he is the wizard that will deliver all of Oz from the wicked witch (Her sister), who murdered their father. Oz travels with her to The Emerald City, on the way meeting Finley the monkey.

As they near the City, Oz tries to figure a way out of his predicament, as he is not a real wizard like Theodora thinks.
When they arrive to the Emerald City, Oz then meets Theodora's other sister, Evanora,    who bribes him into leaving to find and kill the Wicked witch. He and Finley set off, and soon meet China Girl  who accompanies them on their journey.

What happens next, you ask? Well you'll have to watch it and find out! But this is a great movie. A great battle between good and evil, and very real! It was very moving, (With hardly ANY mushy parts) and not at all cheesy! It all seems so real when you watch it. A very magical movie!!!!


  1. I.NEAD.TO.SEE.THIS!!! I like Evanora:) Thanks for telling me about this, I've never herd of it.


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