I am back!!! Yay!!! Ballet Intensive was AWESOME!!!! I worked really hard, got to do some pointe classes in technique shoes,have become a whole lot more flexible (What with having 1 to 1 and a half hour stretching classes every day) and learned a lot! I only took SOME pictures, because I was way too busy. The only pics I have are of the partnering class since I didn't take it.

 They had a guy teacher and one of his students come out from a different school. Since there were only two guys, all us girls took turns being men. :D
 This one is purely AWESOME!!!!! Can't wait till I can do this. :D

 This is Sarah being lifted up... It was a lot of fun to watch. :)

We had a short 1 hour performance the last day, and my Dad took some photos. :)


Any more guest posters out there??


  1. Felicia, you should have your friends take some pictures of you practicing. I would love to see them:)

  2. Are you in two of the last photos?

  3. I'm in all three of the last. And you mean practicing the performance?


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