Good Reads

The 4 books of Ember: I've only read the first two, but I can't wait to read the others!!!!

 The Inheritance Cycle. LOVE. I couldn't put them down.

Keeping Safe the Stars: Haven't finished it yet, but it's great so far! A very interesting book about a girl trying to keep herself and her siblings out of an orphanage after her Grandfather became sick.

The Kane Chronicles: Read all three, and I loved them!

A Dog's Life: I got it for Christmas last year, and I've read it tow or three times since! It's a very good book, written from a dog's point of view.

  Princess Academy: So. good. I loved it, and couldn't stop reading it! And the sequel is just as good:


                              Read any good books recently? comment and let me know! 


  1. Mom read the books of Ember to us, Dad read the Inheritance Cycle and the Kane Chronicles to us, and I read A Dog's Life. They were all very good. :) The only one I haven't read is Keeping Safe the Stars. Maybe I should read it when I finish the book I'm reading now. :) It sounds good.

  2. The warriors cat books are really great!!


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