Reflecting (and cringing).

Hello, friends.

I'm going to skip the intro and cut to the chase.

This summer has been crazy. Really, really crazy. (I touched on that briefly in my last post, but I'm re-emphasizing.)
Do y'all remember three posts ago, the angst-y fourteen year old, terrified of the idea of taking driver's ED, getting a full-time job, and starting college classes?
Hello, that was me. (Keyword being was.)
Over the past two months, my idea of what I want to do with the next three years of my life and then the next two/four years after that have been flipped upside down and shaken around. I have a new found motivation for those things, and can't wait till I can do them!
 I'm not claiming that fifteen was some magic number, and that I'm now just so much older, experienced and mature, (quite the opposite really.)  But somehow, everything I was worried about two months ago, I'm now really, really, really excited for. So much so, I need to not rush myself and remember that I have time.
And I can't help but read that other post, cringe a little and go..."What was I thinking?"
Cause the truth is, being a kid is great. But I really don't understand how one might want to stay one forever, when life has so much to offer. I failed to step back and look at the big picture, if I'm being honest.

I do hope you all have had a lovely summer, and thanks for sticking with me.
-Felicia Kathryn


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